Sunday, October 6, 2013

Traveling WithOUT Dogs

Traveling with dogs can be a challenge, especially when one of those dogs comes with her own set of special needs, but this time, traveling without dogs is proving to be a major challenge.
Maybe that is partly due to the nature of my trip (looking after family health and trying to figure out some pretty big life issues while hemorrhaging cash) and maybe it's because every time I do miss the dogs and start to think "I just want to be back home with my pups"...I stop and realize that right now my pups pretty much are my 'home', my little anchors.
As much as I knew before this journey that my puppy-kids were #1 in my life, I know it even more now. Yes, they drive my crazy somedays (you try having my life right now), but I feel that after four months with the new addition, we are finally settling into some routines that I can both manage and enjoy (most days). It's killing me to be away from those two nutjobs that keep my little heart from completely shutting down, but right now I only have two options...
1.) Sit immobilized and cry.
2.) Bust out my inspiration and plug it in when I can find the right moments...
Go for a walk...

eat something warm and yummy...
and meet new friends.
For the record, I am doing both option 1 and 2 and I try my best to remember everyday to be grateful that I have option 2.

Home is the safety zone and place where you refill your energy reserves after a hard day or an extended time away. Home for me is Bolt and Zainey - I can't wait to see them again and after this month, I hope to only blog about travels that include my precious, pain-in-the-butt, sweet, crazy dogs. It'll be so great to go back to moaning and complaining about known issues!!!

"Hey momma, don't forget to stop an' smell da' roses"

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