Other (non-dog)

I have a little bit of a life outside of my time with the pooches and I try to keep it balanced (Ha!)
For example...

I love these guys...

...mainly because of this nutbag...

Girl's got my back!

and I occasionally show up in person to show my support and talk mad amounts of smack to anyone who might deserve it.  

Grow you bastards!

I garden a bit, but not as much as I would like. I do have the basics - tommies, zucc's, cuc's, and herbs.

Daiya cheesy flatbread

I like to experiment with food (cook?) and LOVE all things 'cheesy'

sexy, no?

I occasionally drink wine in horrible places, like the beach, as a way to cope with the crap that life throws my way (poor me!)

I belong to a hiking meet-up group that I really enjoy ~ Hike-A-Bull ~
(when my schedule actually works out so I can attend). Oh crap - it's a dog focused group though, so I guess this doesn't belong on the non-dog page. Oh well. It kinda counts since there are actual humans involved.

Underwear lampshade

Sanding my toenails

I love to do crafty home projects,
but don't ever seem to have the time.

And, when the days are over and I want (NEED) to relax, I do it up right ...

Peanuts by the Fire
Sam Malone and a Bath
Spongebob and Gary

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