Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Doggy!

Little Puppy with a Toy
Big Puppy with a Toy
Little Puppy in the Yard
Big Puppy in the Yard
Somebody turns 4 years old today! Can you guess who?

I've heard it said more than a few times, "we may not get the dog we want, but we get the dog we need." I don't know about that. I know I wanted a dog that I could take anywhere, would love people, enjoy greeting new doggy playmates, swimming, and kayaking. I wanted a dog that would be my enthusiastic agility partner for years and years to come. So, do I need a reactive dog who does not like new people, dogs, or situations? Do I need a dog who does not like swimming or kayaking and is currently too anxious to continue with agility trialing? I don't think so. I don't think I need any of this; I've learned patience, compassion, and how to overcome disappointments in life, so I'm not sure what I'm getting here that I am in such desperate need of. I need a break. I need a money tree. I need ...a lot of things, but I don't need any of what is on poor little Z's list of issues any more than she needs them.

It's okay though - I don't have to need what I get from my dog (although the endless kisses and unconditional love are appreciated). I just have to love and care for her, and I do - very much. It's my job, my duty, and (most days) my pleasure. In the end, I suppose what is important is that each dog receive the owner that they need. 

Where would Zainey be if I did not come across this picture of her online several years back? I can't imagine. All I know is where she is today - safe at home waiting for her birthday cake!

Party on, Birthday Dog!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July from the Anti-Neighbor!

As I've gotten older, it's become easier to let the unimportant things roll off my back and it is also much easier to speak up for what I believe.
Yesterday was the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day America! I love this country, not a day goes by that I don't appreciate how fortunate I am just to have been born here. So, I am not one to squash anyone's celebration of this country.
While I was out enjoying the day at a chili cook-off with my good friend Michelle, Mike got a visit from our neighbor across the street; they were planning to have a group of friends over and would be setting off fireworks in the street in front of the house. As in, right in front of our house. Anyone with a dog that reacts to fireworks by panting, shaking uncontrollably, and going out of their mind, knows how hearing this news would make you feel. Poor Mike, to be put in that situation. Nobody wants to be the buzz-kill neighbor, but she obviously came over to inform us of their plans for a reason - to hear what we had to say (I'm giving her way too much credit to even assume that she started with any good intentions). Mike is a very reasonable person with a lot of tact when it comes to dealing with neighbors. He kindly let her know that he/we would not be okay with those plans. He informed her that we have spent a lot of time working with our dog and that fireworks are extremely difficult for her, not to mention the fact that fireworks are illegal where we live (a subtle but direct hint that our opinion in the matter does actually trump theirs). Her comment was "everyone up and down the street will be doing it". (Ummm, does that make it legal or okay?) Mike reiterated our position, she left, and ten minutes later she came back to say that they had changed their plans. Good - it's nice to know that there are reasonable people who aren't completely self-absorbed and think of themselves as being above the law. So, come sundown, we hunkered down for the evening in the front room. We had our movie and Z was snug in her anxiety wrap with xanax in her system and her puzzles on standby to keep her occupied should we need them. Yea! We can do this! ...

"Ready for the movie! I've got my xanax, treat-toy, anxiety wrap, and puzzles!"