Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On My Way to Success and Why Dogs are Superior to People

Thought I would be back to a semi-regular blogging schedule. Oh well. I was wrong. It's been seven weeks since I said I was back - how very discouraging! But, life happens. Every single day, life happens. Somehow the crap and not-so-fun-stuff seems to squish out much of time for the things that I enjoy. Sick of it.

Also, I know it's supposed to be 'Wordless Wednesday', but I've been 'wordless' in too many other areas of my life and I'm sick of that too.
I guess all that is left to do is to try again since I'm apparently just on the road to success...
"Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." -Dale Carnegie
(Uhhh ...whatever, Dale. If this were true, I'd be living in my castle by now!)

Pictured below are two of the reasons why I have not had time for blogging recently (and the only two reasons that don't completely suck I might add. Although, they too have been quite the little handfuls lately!)
He doesn't quite grasp the 'selfie'
She's better at this than I am!

And now ...Why I will always prefer the company of dogs:

They use their senses to know how my day was, not Facebook or Twitter. They play with me when I am happy and lick my face when I cry. They genuinely seem to care; several times a day my pups are there just to 'check in' with me.

Their default is happy, or at least content. There's no reason for my dogs to have a 'smile' across their muzzles when they are just hanging out, but they often do. 

They will try anything once, for better or worse, their fear of adventure is minimal. Chase a skunk, swim in fast current, eat food that's too hot. They live and learn, but they rarely say no unless they've learned the hard way that something will hurt them. They LIVE!

They are good for my health. They increase oxytocin levels and reduce stress and blood pressure in people. For reals. There's real science behind it. Look it up yourself, I'm not your link guru.

They give freely of themselves in exchange for affection and food. How many people do you know will give so much and not expect something more than just who you are and the love (and treats) you have to share?

They don't criticize me or what I do or tell me I picked the wrong park to take them to play. They know how to appreciate in ways few people ever do.

They live here and now in this moment and will do the same again in the next. Z and Bolt will play and play and play and sometimes Bolt really annoys her. She might snap at him and that's okay because there's another moment right after this one where they'll be playing again like nothing happened! They don't hold grudges!

...People could really learn a thing or two if they really, truly paid attention to a dog now and then.

So, to sum up - I know this post may be all over the place and cryptic, but I super don't care at all... I'm done being 'wordless' and may or may not be on the road to success, but at least I've chosen the best possible traveling companions!

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