Saturday, April 7, 2012


So much for staying on top of this whole blogging thing. Oh well. I have my reasons as to why I haven't been keeping up with our writing, but really none of them are good enough when you consider the fact that this is something that I actually want to do versus all the crap that I do because I have to (or at least I feel like I have to).

We're back to our blog and here's a quick summary of our past 17 weeks:


...competed in two more agility trials (more info in upcoming posts).

...have not yet seen the behaviorist at Davis (yet one more thing postponed, we'll see her in May).

...took a nice trip to Morro Bay. ...

...have three new Nina Ottosson puzzles thanks to her daddy-human (my reviews coming soon).

...had a couple "pawdicures".

...attended a Laura Manchester-Derrett seminar (more info later, but wasn't our best showing).

...have had lots of training and practice sessions and are finally seeing some success on the damned teeter.

...are still as cute as ever (of course, I mean the dog)

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