Saturday, December 10, 2011

Indoor Games (part deux)

As I mentioned previously, this time of year means more time being spent indoors, but it certainly doesn't change the dog's energy level. We do what we can to keep her stimulated within these four walls, sometimes it's something creative or mentally challenging, and sometimes it's just simple fun.

This little game has no name, but she loves it and so do I. I get to sit on my butt on one side of the room
(hot cocoa anyone?) while Little Miss Thing jumps and scoots back and forth and all around for a multi-ball attack. She then brings them all back, puts them in the basket, and we do it all over again and again until she gives me a sign that she's had enough (you'll notice the obvious indication in this very edited down video)....

(Enjoy with your speakers on!)
Rainy day indoor games with a side of Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes!

...Sure it's not the most mentally or physically challenging thing to spend our time on, and it's not really a 'game' so much as it is just play, but it's nice to have a simple 'go to' activity on a rainy weekend morning
(or a cold dark weeknight) when the dog needs attention and stimulation (beyond her regular training, classes, walks, activities, etc.) and I just need to chill.

Hey! Maybe we'll call this "Multi-Ball"!

...Up next: Hide & Seek, indoor style with lots o' variations!

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  1. that is a great video of Zaney! May have to give that game a try with Sophie. She was climbing the walls a few wknds ago due to lack of flyball.